This Year

No Visible Bruises (Rachel Louise Snyder)

How Should a Person Be? (Sheila Heti)

Fen (Daisy Johnson)

Marlena (Julie Buntin)

The Carrying (Ada Limon)

Problems (Jade Sharma)

Census (Jesse Ball)

Sam the Cat (Mathew Klam)

The Tsar of Love and Techno (Anthony Marra)

Certain American States (Catherine Lacey)

Ultraluminous (Katherine Faw)

Please (Jericho Brown)

Deep Creek (Pam Houston)

Gulag: A History (Anne Applebuam)

Fourlegged Girl (Dianne Seuss)

Dogs of Detroit (Brad Felver)

The Wrong Heaven (Amy Bonaffons)

Wise Blood (Flannery O’Connor)

The Secret Place (Tana French)

You Will Know Me (Megan Abbot)

Midnight in Chernobyl (Adam Higginbotham)

Sing To It (Amy Hempel)

Stephen Florida (Gabe Habash)

American Pain (John Temple)

The Line Becomes a River (Francisco Cantu)

Delicious Foods (James Hannaham)

The Emigrants (W.G. Sebald)

Austerlitz (W.G. Sebald)

I Dreamed I was a Very Clean Tramp : An Autobiography (Richard Hell)

Adult Teeth (Jeremy T. Wilson)

The Summer Demands (Deborah Shapiro)

Everything Under (Daisy Johnson)

Who is Rich? (Mathew Klam)

Why Did I Ever (Mary Robison)

The Chronology of Water (Lidia Yuknavitch)

The Age of Light (Whitney Scharer)

Bunny (Mona Awad)

Mostly Dead Things (Kristen Arnett)

Biloxi (Mary Miller)

Lot (Bryan Washington)

Indictus (Natalie Eilbert)

Prodigals (Greg Jackson)

Hard Damage (Aria Aber)

Mother Country (Irina Reyn)

The Other’s Gold (Elizabeth Ames)

Don’t Call Us Dead (Danez Smith)

Normal People (Sally Rooney)

Last Year

Gold Boy, Emerald Girl (Yiyun Li)

Morvern Caller (Alan Warner)

A Life in Letters (Chekhov)

Sahkalin Island (Chekhov)

What We Were Promised (Lucy Tan)

S.S. Proleterka (Fleur Jaeggy)

Perennial (Kelly Forsythe)

Bobcat (Rebecca Lee)

My Heart Is Broken (Mavis Gallant)

In The Year Of Long Division (Dawn Raffel)

Pachinko (Min Jin Lee)

A Lucky Man (Jamel Brinkley)

Florida (Lauren Groff)

The Safety of Objects (AM Homes)

Rag (Maryse Meijer)

The Recovering (Leslie Jamison)

I Can’t Talk About the Trees Without the Blood (Tiana Clark)

Dancing in Odessa (Ilya Kaminksi)

The Seas (Samantha Hunt)

You Are Having a Good Time (Amie Barodale)

Dark Lies the Island (Kevin Barry)

Someone With a Little Hammer (Mary Gaitskill)

Tampa (Alissa Nutting)

Florida (Christine Schutt)

Back Talk (Danielle Lazarin)

Sweetbitter (Stephanie Danler)

Priestdaddy (Patricia Lockwood)

The Dark Dark (Samantha Hunt)

There, There (Tommy Orange)

First, Body (Melanie Rae Thon)